Destinations Aviation – Rogers, AR

Arkansas’ only authorized Cirrus Training Center is located in Rogers. Now Cirrus enthusiasts can easily train in clean, modern Cirrus SR series aircraft in Northwest Arkansas. Whether you are looking for Cirrus flight training from factory authorized instructors, an exclusive flight club or Cirrus Ownership support, we are here to help you on your journey.

Office hours are by appointment.

  • Destinations Aviation is a TOP NOTCH flight school with awesome instructors!  They are the only school in NW Arkansas that teaches on the high performance Cirrus SR20 and SR22.  All their planes are newer and in great shape.  I started my training at the age of 55 and they have been nothing but amazing.  I enjoyed it so much I bought my own Cirrus SR22 and plan to use Destinations for all my endorsements and continued education!
  • Destinations Aviation Center in Rogers, Arkansas, offers an exceptional training ground for aviation enthusiasts, and my experience training for my instrument rating was nothing short of outstanding. I had the pleasure of being under the tutelage of Chaz Marler, whose expertise and dedication made the learning process smooth and enriching. Chaz's guidance was instrumental in helping me navigate the complexities of instrument flying with confidence and precision. One aspect that truly sets Destination Aviation Center apart is its unwavering commitment to aircraft maintenance and quality. Throughout my training, I found the planes to be meticulously maintained and in excellent condition. This attention to detail underscores the center's dedication to safety and ensures that students can focus wholeheartedly on their training without any concerns about the equipment. The center's emphasis on quality extends beyond the aircraft to every aspect of the training experience. From the well-equipped facilities to the professionalism of the staff, every detail reflects a commitment to excellence. Overall, my time at Destination Aviation Center was not only educational but also incredibly enjoyable. Whether you're a seasoned pilot honing your skills or a novice embarking on your aviation journey, this center provides an ideal environment for growth and development. I wholeheartedly recommend Destination Aviation Center to anyone seeking top-notch flight training in the Rogers, Arkansas area.
  • Destinations Cirrus Student
    If you want an excellent training staff and access to the best planes in the area you should contact Destinations. You won't find newer aircraft and more experienced instructors anywhere!
    Destinations Cirrus Student
  • Destinations Adventure Training Student
    The first time my Destinations instructor took me flying at a low level down the Arkansas River in the Cub is something I'll always remember. I've been hooked since then.
    Destinations Adventure Training Student
  • Destinations Flight Club Member
    Destinations lets me enjoy flying late model, high performance aircraft without having to worry about all the other ownership concerns. Book, fly, hand 'em the keys!
    Destinations Flight Club Member
  • Destinations Cirrus Student
    The training I've had in the Cirrus SR-22 has made me a much better aviator. I've gone from no experience with glass panel to a proficient, confident and safe instrument pilot. The instructions at Destinations are the best in the business.
    Destinations Cirrus Student