The Destinations Flight Club

The Destinations Flight Club makes personal aviation even more accessible and convenient. Now you can enjoy the convenience and luxury of owning your own aircraft without the hassle and expense. Destinations Aviation Flight Club members have access to our entire fleet of late model Cirrus SR20’s and SR22’s to fly for the day, the weekend or longer. Complete your training as a Club Member and receive a discount on your flight training while you train in type.

Whether you are active, ambitious or a little of both, the Destinations Flight Club Membership is an enabler for richer, rewarding experiences – and more of them.

The Destinations Flight Club Fleet

It's About Time.

Time for your family. Time for your business. Time for you.

It’s getting back from the meeting in time to see your child’s moment in the big game. It’s not having to decide between that client meeting and your daughter’s recital because now, you can do both. It’s staying close to parents or grandparents to provide support. Discover new opportunities for “Just Us” getaways. It’s making it to every game of your favorite college team ...both home and away; visiting every client in your region in days rather than weeks.

*Estimated travel time from Tulsa in an SR22.